Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How insurance companies create tort reformers

While I was researching my book, I tracked down a story that had been circulating during debates over products liability legislation in Congress in the mid-90s, involving a guy who sued an American flag company in Texas for injuries ...

Wine insurance 101

You insure your home, car, jewelry, and art, so why not wine? The value of even a modest 500 bottle wine collection can easily be worth $50000 if the average bottle is valued at $100. Larger collections may be worth millions.

FL House Leaders Unveil Property Insurance Plan

The Florida House weighed in today with its plan to reform property insurance laws in the state. The House plan moves away from the free-market environment in which property insurance now exist in favor of move government control.

Travel Insurance: Should you have it?

While Kilimanjaro is one of the easier mountains to climb in the world, it does not mean you should forgo travel insurance.

Do Internet consultants need professional liablity insurance?

I was recently asked to blog about Professional Liability Insurance and review the information on a web site called Business Insurance Now and had to consider how it fit into our Blog.

Low Rate Car Insurance - What is Gap Insurance?

So, what exactly is GAP insurance? In a nutshell, GAP insurance was created to provide auto insurance protection for “new” cars that are being financed.

Title Insurance Issue's

In a recent transaction I represented a buyer purchasing a Long Beach CA condo. One of the many components involved in a purchase is Title Insurance.

Finding The Cheapest Home Insurance Quote

While the Press and Media are always telling us to shop around for the cheapest home insurance quote, it can be difficult to do if you don’t know where to start.

General :: How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

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